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11/17/2003 Entry: "Show Wrap Up"

Well, the show went very well. Too bad I missed so much of it. Being in a pit band, your back it to the stage. The piano player made the remark she only got to see the tango on the last night. I said "There was a tango???" Never saw it, but the two leads tangoed in "The Rain in Spain" number. Also, every night before the curtain, the director stood up and thanked people for their help, and every night he thanked the adult members of the pit band. On Saturday night, when he read my name, a full third of the audience went completely ape! I was shocked! Seems a couple of young people I know were there, and they had some of their friends cheer for me. It was a riot! Also, there was one scene with this kid playing a Bobby. On the last night, I finally saw that scene, and the kid had a donut onstage! Funny stuff. So I asked if that were the first time he'd done the donut gag. It wasn't, but I did learn that this same kid always seems to get rolls as a cop. Whenever there's a show with a cop in it, invariably he'll be the one playing that part. And, during the show's run, he'll slip the donut gag in.


I have something very important, and very moving to say. It's nothing bad, so don't worry. Should be able to get to it later tonight.

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