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11/25/2003 Entry: "Christmas Hearse"

I don't know what got me thinking about hearses today. Wait, I do know. I was thinking about fire engines, and how one won't make a practical Billy Rhythm mobile. But a hearse really would. Decent milage, room for drums, smooth ride. I've always wanted a purple hearse with metallic silver flake in the paint. Why that color scheme? Well, years ago, when Laverdiere's Drug Store was up where Hannafords is now, they carried a plastic model kit of a hearse. It was a cool hearse converted to a beach wagon. Well low and behold, I came upon a picture of it today. Cool, huh?\

I've added some stuff to my Christmas/Amazon wish list. Some clamps would be nice. I need clamps when repairing drums, and I saw this neat spring clamp kit at Wal-Mart today. Also, a tool belt would prove handy. Nothing too big though, or the weight will haul my pants down! Two or three pockets, and a place for measuring tape and hammer would be fine. Fire truck models are scarce as hen's teeth. Still, Revel is offering a fire truck/police car two models in one kit.

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Hi Billy,
I really enjoyed reading about the Ghost pedal on your sight - thank you.
In 1971 I bought a used Ghost pedal for $40. At the time, I lived in
Nova Scotia. I had seen one earlier
in a Boston music store.
To add to your mystery, I recall
reading somewhere (in the early 70's) that the inventor of the pedal was on a military ship positioned off of the island of Oahu,Hawaii, and that the ship was
haunted and that the ghost was named "the siver ghost of the Oahu
coast ". I don't know if I read it
in Downbeat (I was an avid subscriber at the time) or in a piece of paper from the company.
I do remember it though, and thought it was bizarre when I brought it when I moved to Oahu in '78!
I've used it extensively, toured Canada with it, played through the whole disco era with it, hooked it up to a MIDI controller... it's NEVER screwed up. I had the thing for about 10 years before I figured out how it folded. I never release the tension on it - seems okay.
Read somewhere (Ebay?) that Bonham
used one on "Good Times, Bad Times".
I've always wondered where the Ghost came from, and why everyone doesn't use/want one. I've found that the Ghost is best on my 22" bass drum. On my 20", the Speed King feels better. All I've ever done for it is to put a few drops of engine oil on every place that moves. Often this was from the dipstick of a vehicle in the parking lot of the gig I was at.
Thanks -Ian

Posted by IAN TAYLOR @ 12/08/2003 07:21 AM EST

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