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11/26/2003 Entry: "Bejeweled"

There's this little game I like to play on my Palm Pilot called Bejeweled. It's like a tic-tac-toe / tetris sorta thing. Move gems around a board so you have three in a row. Those gems move out of the way, and those above them fall down to take their place. Anyway, about 4 days ago I came upon this theory. The theory was to move those pieces at the top of the board first. My thought was that if you move bottom pieces, you stand more chance of throwing possible moves above out of alignment. So I started testing this theory. Today, I broke 100,000 on my score. My new high is 150,860. My old high was 48,110. I beat my old score by more than 100,000!!! How cool is that?

I know. Not really.

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I play a game occasionally that is similar to that one. I find that same technique works with that game too.

Posted by Jim @ 11/26/2003 06:58 PM EST

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