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12/05/2003 Entry: "Friday Five via Paddy"

I guess there was no Friday Five this week, so Paddy made up a set.

Name the best Christmas gift you ever received: Very tough. My target .22 from my grandfather is high on the list. Then again, so is the Bugs Bunny drum set I got from Ma and Father. My mom and Susan went in on a bass drum microphone for me one year, and though I'm not emotionally tied to that microphone, there was a lesson that went along with it that I've never forgotten. My parents also bought me drum cases one year, and I still use them.

What was the worst Christmas gift you ever gave? Probably the floating bath candles Susan and I bought for Aunt Dianna one year. (We had no idea what to get her.)

What was the one gift you really wanted as a kid, but didn't get? Not really a Christmas present, but I always wanted a mini-bike. I was supposed to get one at 13, though one naughty word cost me the whole thing. (I referred to someone kicking me in "the balls." Dad was real tough back then.)

Were you a Christmas eve, Christmas morning or Christmas afternoon present opening family? Three for three. On Christmas Eve, we have presents at my Grandmother's (Ma's) house. Christmas mornings are now at my house, and Sue's parents come here. At lunch, we go to my folks, and the open their presents in the afternoon.

What is your fondest Christmas memory from your youth? At Ma's house on Chritmas Eve, there would always be tons of presents under the tree. Then, the adults would have us go out to the porch to watch for Santa. A few minutes later, we'd be called back into the room. There would then be 3-4 special presents for certain grandkids. Every year, the kids who got special big presents would change. You always hoped that Santa would leave you a special unwrapped present that year.

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