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12/05/2003 Entry: "DJ Gigs"

I'm playing a DJ gig this weekend. Tomorrow night, actually. I'm playing for a local car dealership. This will be year number nine I've done this for them. They are great. They treat me well. They give me a tip every year. They always have a good time, and that makes it fun. So it's not them. Every DJ gig I have to play, a couple of days before, I really start to dread it. Theres so much stuff to lug. You work by yourself. There's plenty of pressure--if you don't get the crowd up and dancing, there's no one to look to but you. And I'm feeling that mode tonight. I'd just as soon have the gig cancel, and stay home. But you know what? As soon as I get there, and get the tunes spinning, I'll have a good time. I always do, and these folks really are great to work for. At 10pm tomorrow night, I'll have my sleeves rolled up, my tie loosened, and I'll be rockin' the funk. It's just tonight that it all seems a little overwhelming.

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