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12/10/2003 Entry: "I don't understand what you want"

After a brief lunch at my home this afternoon, I decided to do some shopping at my local Wal-Mart. I came to the side entrance, which is comprised of two doors. On the right door there was a hand-written sign: "Please use other door." So, I yanked on the left door. It opened just enough for me to see that the two doors were tied together on the inside. So, I went around to the front door, and used it instead.

On entering the door, I said to the door greeter "You know, your sign might be better worded 'Please use front door,' or 'Please use ANOTHER door' instead of 'other door.' Because you see, the 'other door' doesn't have a sign on it, and one might be led to believe that only the right door was broken, not the left."

Let me tell you, she seemed like she was going to get on that right quick. (end sarcasm.)

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