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12/08/2003 Entry: "Oye Como Va"

The Lyrics

Oye como va, Mi ritmo,
Bueno pa' gozar, mulata

The Translation

Hey, dig this rhythm I'm playing.
It's fun to party to, ain't it, my sweet little thing.

The More Literal Translation

Hey, how's it goin? (Oye, como va?) My rhythm (Mi ritmo)
Is good (bueno) for (pa' -- short for para) for partying (gozar) my dark skined female (mulata*)

* apparently, in Cuba there are many different words used to differentiate skin color, and mulata is one of them. However, the term has now supposedly be "slang-ized" to mean any hot chick burnin' up the dance floor. So the theory goes that the lyric doesn't really mean some particular skin color, just a hottie in general.

For more Spanish, see Paddy.

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