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01/19/2004 Entry: "MLK Day Results"

Day off today. The office has added 4 more holidays to the calendar. Each staffer chooses two of the four to have off. You work the other two. I chose today and Columbus Day. So what did I do? I finished restoring the floor tom of the OBP (Oyster Black Pear) kit Chick gave me. The rack tom is of course 90% done. I'm waiting for a machine shop to finish up some parts, and then I can move on to the bass drum. I went to Northern Kingdom, and who did I see but Kevin Teel. His grandmother passed away, and he came home for the funeral. He looks much better than he did. He's no longer playing in that band I mentioned months ago. He's playing guitar in Nashville, and he's been there six years. He's doing recording session and hired sideman stuff. He did a six-week tour in the UK a while back, he said, and he worked with Tanya Tucker for a while. That's cool. He also filled me in on my old bass playing buddy TJ. Seems he's had it rough lately. Seems about a year ago he was in a trampoline accident, and craked 4 vertabrae in this neck. He was laid up for 6 months. Right after he recovered, his mom died. That was about six months ago or so. He's now moved to Hawaii. Guess I won't be seeing him anytime soon.

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