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02/02/2004 Entry: "PG-13 post here, people. Proceed with caution!"

The following is PG-13. See the "Get More Here" section for all the details...

Let's start with last night's dream. I was in a car with old Rival bandmates TJ and Kevin. We were in the parking lot of Shop n Save in Rockland. The odd part was, the old liquor store/Radio Shack building was still there. That building hasn't been there in 25 years probably. Anyway, somehow I noticed we were being followed. TJ was driving, I think, and he had this great idea. He floored the accelerator, drove wicked fast, then turned hard into a parking spot between two large vehicles. Partially obstructed, TJ and Kevin jumped out of the vehicle and ran for it. I decided to try a different strategy. I got out of the car, put my hands in my pocket, and walked into the shopping center, looking like a didn't have a care in the world. I made it inside, but the cops had their eye on me, and nabbed me. (Here comes the PG-13 part...) The officers, though, were, ahem, twin sisters. Not identical, but twin blond sisters. Anyway, after putting me in their car, I convinced them that they didn't really need to take me to jail, but should instead come back to my place for a drink. After a little red wine, I convinced them they should help me live out one of those archetypal male fantasies. They agreed. I was, ahem, mid-archetype when I awoke. Try as I might, I couldn't get back to where I left off. ;-)

Part II of the PG-13 post

Three Finger Deluxe is no more. In reality, the name means nothing. Search Google for it. See? Nothing but what we've posted ourselves. There are many contexts with which you might reference that phrase. Personally, I think it sounds like a card game (ala three card monty) or a slightly bizarre mistranslation of "five finger discount." We were aware that someone might hang a sexual connotation to the phrase. What we weren't aware of is how many people already think it's something sexual. It's not, people! It's your own dirty mind! But still, we don't want to pitch the band to a potential bride's mother, and have her jump to naughty thoughts immediately. So we're thinking about a new name. High in the ranking right now is "Three Button Deluxe," a type of tuxedo.

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You, my dear sir, are Captain Strange-dream. I still like your shuffle though ...

Posted by Paddy @ 02/03/2004 12:23 PM EST

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