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02/23/2004 Entry: ""Good times are the best times, the bad times fade away.""

Bad news: Carol Holman passed away. It was only about six months ago we found out she had cancer. She went so fast. It's reassuring to know she's in heaven, but still I feel bad for John. It's with a heavy heart that I move her off my prayer list, and instead move John on.

Better news: Dad found out today he's been accepeted into a trial for a new groundbreaking drug study for his cancer.
Slightly worse news: It's a double blind test, so we won't know if he's getting the standard treatment or the new treatment.

Good news: I downloaded the songs I recorded with Mac Economy at the House of David. It sounds pretty good, IMHO.
Slightly better news: I was listening to the demo of Three Button Deluxe when Susan walked in the room. She mistook us for an "actual" famous-type recorded on a label band. She thought it was a Brian Setzer outtake.

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It is not a double blind test. I will know if I am getting Interferon alone or Interferon with Avastin. There are no placeboes in this study. I feel so bad for John. His assurance is with the Lord and Carol will no longer suffer, ever.

Posted by Dad @ 02/23/2004 09:06 PM EST

I have a friend who's husband was one of the initial research doctors who helped create a cancer treatment drug called Imuno-PFS.
I don't know if it would be helpful in your dads case or if it is even something you guys may be interested in checking out but the purpose of it is to supercharge the immune system to help not only fight the cancer but also to help in reducing & elliminating the adverse effects of treatments such as Chemotherapy.
If you want to find out about it you can visit their web site

Posted by Melanie @ 02/24/2004 01:35 PM EST

Thanks Dad. I knew they wouldn't be using placebos. (Sorry, Mr. Batty, you've been getting sugar pills for the last year. You have about a week left...) But I was told you wouldn't know if you were getting the Interferon with or without Avastin. Something got lost in the translation from m sister to my wife to me.

Posted by BR @ 02/24/2004 03:58 PM EST

I am glad that Your Susan (who has a good musical ear) thinks that 3BD sounds as good as the big boys. My folks won't be back from the Left Coast until April, but they are very excited to hear the band. Including last summer at the Farnsworth, they have seen me play two times in over twenty years (mostly because I was playing that evil Rock noise).

Posted by Paddy @ 02/24/2004 04:49 PM EST

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