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02/24/2004 Entry: "Candy Land, Oyster Pink Pearl, and Valentines"

As is my custom, I went home for lunch today. I had a meatloaf sandwich, some toast, and a hunk of cheddar. I was watching Susan's latest fad, the Family Feud game show. Julia was there, as was her friend Bella. The host asked the question...

"Name a popular game played in bars."

Bella answered "Candy Land!"


Shawn Colvin talks about her song "Polaroids."

"What was the writing of "Poloroids" like? Did you really dream the last verse?"

Yeah I did. I had this dream where this couple wasn't walking a plank off of a ship, but they were walking a plank over a huge excavated hole in the ground. And they were totally in love, it was the sweetest damn feeling, you know. And he walked out first and she took a poloroid, then she walked out and he took a poloroid as she held up this flash card type of thing that said "Valentine." The good will between these people must have been something that I was striving for because I had had relationships with a lot of ill-will, (laughs) which just seems so wrong, but it was in my life.


Bun E. Carlos, drummer for Cheap Trick, sells a rare Ludwig set in Citrus Mod. The more I see the color, the more I hate it. Psychedelic Red is ok, and I do like Mod Orange. But of all the weird Ludwig finishes, I like Oyster Pink Pearl the best. (Yes, that's Bun E with that kit, too. He's quite the collector.)

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Wussup with those sticks he is floggin' away with?!? They look like fish bats for crying out loud!

Posted by Paddy @ 02/24/2004 09:54 PM EST

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