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03/01/2004 Entry: "Bourbon Thanks!"

Whoa! Someone I thanked in a recent post has informed me that her gift needs to be off the record. Well, I've changed the post, but she still gets my thanks! ;-)

Also, thanks to my buddy Jim. He bought me a Van Gough calendar for Christmas. Then this morning, we were talking about his trip to see the Mingus Big band. (I was supposed to go with him to see the band, but there was a scheduling/communication snafu.) He says to me "I brought you back a Christmas/birthday present." I said "You already got me that Van Gough calendar." He said "That was nothing." He hands me a brown paper bag, and in it is a bottle of Woodford Reserve Bourbon. I had never heard of it until Friday, when Jim mentioned he saw a documentary about the brewery. It's the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby. And Kentucians know a thing or two about bourbon. (In fact, federal law says only the state of Kentucky can put their state name on the label. So that's why you never hear of Tennessee bourbon, or anything like that.) I think it's so great that a Christian teetotaler buys his Christian brother a bottle of bourbon! No, really now, there's nothing to worry about. About a a year and a half ago, I stopped into a New Hampshire liquor store, and bought Bombay Gin, a bottle of Bookers, and a sampler bottle of Maker's Mark. Only the Maker's Mark is gone, and that was a small bottle. And I just finished it at Christmastime. I bet a year from now, I'll still be working on Jim's gift, and remember his friendship every time I have a taste.

(Jim also mentioned the store he bought the bourbon at carried this. "Lost sheep to sheppard, Roscoe P. Coltrane is after the still!"

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Bourbon you're welcome.

Posted by Jim @ 03/03/2004 09:00 PM EST

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