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03/14/2004 Entry: "Trade Show Over"

It's about five minutes of five. I've finished moving the stuff in from the trade show. We went through 36 mugs, five bags of candy, a thermos of coffee, and a gallon of water. (The water was mostly Paddy.) It was a decent show, as it is every year (this was our fourth year). It's not really about picking up new business--it's a home and garden show, after all. But a lot of our customers attend the show. It's good to be there as a public relations move--to let them know we're human, and they'll ask questions that they wouldn't bother to call about. We had quite a few questions about spam and viruses, and maybe a lead or two on wireless Internet and DSL. Plus, we got a weekend of annoyingly bad DVD processed fusion from the 3-Dimensions booth. :-) (I know the guys read here occasionaly.) What'd Padddy call it? "Manny and the Steamrollers" I think.

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