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03/16/2004 Entry: "Sick Fish"

Yesterday morning, Julia woke up and said she didn't feel well. "I feel like I'm pregnant," she told me. Really? It wasn't 5 minutes later that she was retching into the porcelain shool bus. So I had two sick girls at home yesterday. This morning we woke up to Julia using the bedside bowl, so she's home sick again today.

I'm really starting to wonder if I should just give up the DJ business. Yes, the money's good. Yes, the equipment is paid for. But, oh, I don't know. It can be so dry. Then again, I have a DJ gig this weekend, and I always dread DJ gigs before hand. Then, once I get there, I have tons of fun and it's all ok. Just a strange DJ funk, maybe.

Thanks and props to Chas. Jones for lunch. When Susan and I found out we were pregnant, he said he'd buy me a congratulatory lunch. We went to lunch today at the Brass Compass. Chas. has opined before on the quality of their fish and chips.So, that's what we had today. He said it was the 5th time in a row he'd had it. And with good reason. It was well worth the $6 or so they were asking. High quality, very fresh. Try it!

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