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03/17/2004 Entry: "Props to my peeps!"

Props need to be doled out here, one of them way overdue.

First, to Harv at Northern Kingdom Music, the greatest music store in the world. Here we go, yo, with the scenario. Chick, my good drum buddy, bought a Tama drum set in white marine pearl. It had a 14" "floor" tom that mounted on a stand instead of legs. After playing the set that way for a little bit, he decided he'd rather have a traditional floor tom on legs. So he called NKM. The set he bought had a full contingency of hardware, and since Chick's ben playing for 60 years or so, he didn't really need hardware. So NKM agreed to trade the hardware suite from his new kit on a 14" floor in matching WMP. The drum comes in, Chick brings in the hardware, and it's a done deal. Until... Chick brings in the 14" rack tom he's replacing. The guys at NKM explain to him that he didn't need to trade the drum in too, the deal was for the hardware. Chick said something to the effect of "I'll never use it, so you might as well keep it." When I heard the story, I offered to help NKM sell the drum on ebay. (It was a limited edition color, and they'd be sitting on that drum in their store trying to sell it as a single for a while. I thought ebay would be a way to get rid of it quick.) Instead, they just gave me the drum outright. How cool is that! Rock on, Harv. You da' man!

Second, today I was "put in jail" for MDA. Thanks for all of you who pledged. I was there almost 2 hours. My bail was set at $1,600. I raised $300. (Only one person I know of raised the $1600, and he was there all day. And, he's a big-wig at the place where the event was held, so I wasn't upset he could come up with more scratch than little ol' me.)

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Posted by mbatty @ 03/28/2004 01:21 PM EST

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