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04/07/2004 Entry: "What's up around here"

Couple of things from some recent comments. Jim noticed there'd been a lack of posts for a bit. It's true. Like last weekend, I didn't even turn the computer on. I was just too busy. There was just too much going on. And this week's been no different, really. I added another drum student, so I'm teaching every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Tomorrow night I'm teaching adult ed. Saturday I'm working until noon, and have a gig with 3BD in the evening. So Friday is my only night off, and I don't even leave work until 6pm.

Paddy also noticed that most of my Mood posts were of the "I feel eh" variety. I guess if I'm just feeling normal, I don't put anything in the Mood section. I really only use that feature when I'm feeling really good, or feeling really bad. And lately, I've been in a funk. Not sure why. Just life. It's kinda funny--when I look at what's going on in my life, there's some stuff in there that might make you down, or worried, or whatever. But it's not those big things. I'm not worried about Dad, or the babies, or finances. I'm bummed about stupid stuff. Like the lawn's a mess, and the kitchen floor needs to be mopped, and that Windows machine today that sucked up all my time. Why I should let that stuff bother me is beyond me. But it does.

Ok, enough gloom for this evening.

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