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04/08/2004 Entry: "Chocolate"

Chocolate. I love it. I want to thank my friends for keeping me in some serious gourmet $#!+. (That's an homage to Pulp Fiction and pal Jimmy T.) It started with my wife Susan. I bought her some truffles in a heart from Godiva one Valentines. In all honesty, I don't think their chocolate's worth the money. Lovely packaging, but their truffles aren't worth $2 a piece by any stretch. But in the selection I bought her was a foil wrapped piece that contained 72% cocoa solids. (Godiva has their site set up so you can't right-click an image to get the address. Fine. Make me pull apart your code so I can hump your product for you, you expensive yet cheap hose-heads!) And that, let me tell you something, was good. Then one day my buddy Paddy hooked me up with some Scharffenberger 70% cocoa. Bigger portion, and available here in town. But at like $6 per bar, it's a treat seen infrequently. Today, my bud Gina hooked me up with some Lindt 85% cocoa chocolate. This stuff is almost unsweetened baking chocolate. It's rugged stuff. If bittersweet is the French roast of chocolate, this stuff is the espresso. We've got quite a few chocolate heads here in the office--like Gina and Mike. They wouldn't eat it. I ate two squares with a cup of coffee! Now this isn't your everyday snacking chocolate. The circa seventy percenters are in that class. This is like the Bookers Bourbon of chocolate. Only for special occasions, or after a hard day. And since I've had quite a few of those days this week, I may have to have another square!

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