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04/19/2004 Entry: "Happy Patriots Day"

Good morning all! Happy Patriots Day! If course, unless you're in Maine or Mass, you don't celebrate Patriots Day. We're the only two states to celebrate Paul Revere's ride, and the battles of Lexington and Concord. And today is the day Boston closes down for the marathon. Too bad today is also the day Dad has to go to Boston for his bi-weekly appointment. His appointment is one hour before the marathon starts. He hopes to get in before the ruckus.

Had a strange dream last night. Mack Economy and I were riding in a sports car with Keith Wass. He was driving very fast on a roan along the side of an island. The road reminded me of where you cross the causway in Spruce Head, right along that rise by Vivian York's "Lobster Lane Bookshop." There was no guardrail, just some big bolders. Anyway, we end up going off the road, and, because we're going so fast, we skip like a stone across the top of the water. We end up in waist deep water on some other island. Good thing it was low tide. Anyway, we all knew the island (even though it isn't any island I know really), and did some browsing. We ended up finding this mysterious music store. It was mysterious in the sense that we had all heard about this great music store on this island, but none of us had ever been there. Seems that they don't advertise, and the only way you find them is if you stumble on them. We stumbled on them, all right. Inside, the place was packed! They had three pink paisley Fender Telecasters in stock! After shopping, we went to some kind of meeting--kinda like a cross between a Kiwanis meeting and a town meeting. While this was happening, I got word that an atomic bomb had been launched against a city nearby, and it would only be a matter of hours before we were all dead. So I got up and announced it to the meeting. Then I got up, went over to Heather Armstrong, and kissed her on the cheek, and said "That's from all the boys who rode the Spruce Head bus who had a crush on you." (Heather Armstrong was a nice girl that lots of people had crushes on, but she didn't ride the Spruce Head bus. The girl that rode the bus that everyone thought was cute was Gail Anderson. Maybe Heather was playing the part of Gail in my dream.) Then, I called Susan, and told her I would try to make it back to Rockland for one last time.

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