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04/19/2004 Entry: "Macquarium Madness"

So I'm building another run of Macquariums. I cleaned the guts out of 14 Macs tonight. Soon, I'll start sawing out the naughty bits. I have 5 tanks pre-made, one is already water tight, and four need another coat of sealant. And my buddy Jim has agreed to rip some lumber for me on his table saw to make the stands the tank sits on. (Thanks, buddy!)

Speaking of my buddy Jim, he just got a new stainless bull-barrel Ruger 10/22. I've had the itch to get to the range for a couple of weeks. Now it's almost a burning!

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Hey Billy:
Came across you on the web while looking for Tama bell brass info.
My bell brass or a house??? tough choice but I think the house is winning. Keep your eyes on Ebay if your still looking for a Tama 80's 6.5 bell brass. I may post mine in the next couple of days along with a Canwood Bell brass 5", and a bunch of my other babies.
let your friends know as well.

Happy drumming

Posted by Stephen @ 04/20/2004 08:16 AM EST

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