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04/21/2004 Entry: "Talk about guns and strange coincidences"

This morning, Jim was talking to Barry about borrowing his automatic handgun. Somebody asked (Art?) about the caliber, thinking it was a .40. It's actually a .25, but that led Cam to mention a song he knows about a .45. I mentioned Blind Al does a song about a .45

Got my cold steel .45
Gonna put you in the ground
Put you six feet under
For your lyin' cheatin' ways and your runnin' 'round.

(Blind Albert and the Blind Albert Band do not condone spousal abuse of any kind, including murder.)

So then, in the car, I was listening to Lyle Lovett, and he's got a song about a jilted guy killing his old girl and her new husband. And what did he use? You guessed it, Frank Stalone. No, sorry, I mean a .45. Three .45 references in music before noontime. Crazy, huh.

Oh, and there's more in the "Get More Here" section...

Also on that Lyle Lovett album is the title song. Check out the lyrics...

"I park my pontiac
Down the hill out in back
Late every afternoon
With a coke and a cigarette
And all of the neighbors there
They see a nice old man

And the girl there across the street
She sits on her front porch swing
She never realized
What I told her with my eyes
How back in the second war
I killed twenty German boys
With my own bare hands

And the woman inside my house
She won't stop talking
She never says a thing
She just keeps talking
And I might just leave her still
After the sun goes down
And I smoke this cigarette"

Man, that should have made it to my depressing compilation CD I made. Great tune! He's got quite a few dark tunes I like. The whole Joshua Judges Ruth album seems about different ways to die (drowning, choking on a sandwich, missing the pool after jumping out a window) or from the perspective of someone dying (a dead person in a coffin, a person dying in Baltimore). Probably my favorite Lovett CD, and one you should listen to front to back.

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