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05/12/2004 Entry: "The Drum Bag Fiasco"

So the drum bags came in today. Thery're the wrong size again! So I called. The dude who answered the phone said "Other than the bass drum case, are the others the right size?" They are. So he said he'd contact the warehouse, have them pull a 20" bag, and ship it to me. I'd then return the too large 22" bag. Great. Two hours go by. The warehouse calls me. "We don't actually have any 20" bags in that line. We had it wrong on our website--all the sets come with 22" basses. I have a 20: bag on its own from another company. We'll sell you that one for $50 and include free shipping." So instead of paying $60, I'll pay $110. No thanks, Musician's Friend. I'll just cancel the whole order.

(Wanna bet they screw that up?)

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Reminds me of my last (in more ways than one) attempt to order through them. The '51 Pbass order that they cancelled and didn't to tell me about it until weeks had gone by. Pays to stay local, them NKM boys treated me right on the purchase of old Slabby Joe ...

Posted by Paddy @ 05/12/2004 09:34 PM EST

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