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05/14/2004 Entry: "Welcome To My Nightmare"

The nightmare never ends! I called Musician's Friend today, and asked to return the drum bags that were (for those of you playing along at home)

a) Sent as the wrong size and returned for replacement, then
b) the replacement order is mysteriously canceled--even though I was told it had already been shipped, then
c) the second set came in the wrong size, and finally
d) the confess they don't actually have the size listed on their website (it's a mistake).

So the guy on the line says "Sorry, I'll send you a Fed Ex label." I explain to him there's no pick-up point around here. "Don't worry, you can schedule a pick-up." Fine. So I get the email, and print out the label. I'm then directed to drop this off at the nearest pick-up location. As I've already mentioned, I don't have one. So I try to schedule a pick-up. Turns out, that in order to schedule a pick up, you have to open an account with Fed-Ex. I don't want to do that! I just want to send the stupid wrong-size drum cases back and get a refund.

So I call again. The woman who answers the phone (Jasmine) understands right away that average Joe Citizen can't schedule their own pick-up with Fed-Ex. She apologizes, and writes a note to the previous guy's supervisor so he can be "coached." She then uses the Musician's Friend account to schedule the pick-up. Argh!

Support your local music store. Northern Kingdom, I love you!

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