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06/03/2004 Entry: "The Fathers Day List"

Bolz CD rack that holds 600 CDs and is about 1/2 price. Whoops! Too slow on that one!

Some kind of shoulder bag. Nothing fancy. Just someting I can use to put my Palm Pilot in, some pens, a pad, a couple of yo-yos, and whatever else I might normally carry in a coat pocket. Since it's finally warm enough, I shant be wearing the coat much.

Some cigars for the humidor. This 12 pack features all dark maduro wrapper (which I like), and 12 will last me a whole year, at least!

A copper bowl, perfect for beating egg whites and cream. Or, if you really love me, a whole set of copper cookware.

Speaking of cookware, how about an electric griddle? Or a nice cast iron skillet?

What do you get when you take a Ludwig Black Beauty, and replace all the chrome hardware with brass? Why, a righteous Fathers Day present, that's what!

New American Standard study Bible. The NAS version is supposed to be the closest word-for-word style translation of the original manuscripts. I'm on a bit of a quest to find the most accurate Bible. This study Bible also has some great notes to original Hebrew and Greek words. Handy, because in a lot of my studying to find the best translation, I've been researching the original languages.

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The NASB is really good to have, even if it's hard to follow at times due to awkward sentence structure (which is kind of unavoidable in a literal translation).

I still do the bulk of my daily reading in the NIV, but there are a lot of passages that are much clearer when I read them in the NASB.

Posted by andrew @ 06/04/2004 01:35 PM EST

I have beleived for many years that NASB is the most literal translation. I don't have one but I do want a nice one.

I have also heard that King James is not a good one to read. I don't know where I heard that I must admit but the person was making the argument that there were several areas where the KJV translation isn't clear and as such the new KJV is better. I don't say that with any authority. I am simply saying that I have heard that before.

Posted by Jim @ 06/04/2004 08:27 PM EST

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