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06/04/2004 Entry: "Argh! It's so slow!"

I'm working the last hour on the tech floor. Fridays aren't usually too busy. Today, one of the nicest days outside in like two weeks, was no exception. It was really slow all day. Susan just called to say my 'rents asked to take Julia tonight. So we have a night alone. My reaction? Ho-hum. I've just got no energy. Not even for that! Can you believe it! :-) So since it's slow, I give you...

speak and spell
You're a Speak & Spell!! You nerd, you. Just
because you were disguised as a toy doesn't
mean you weren't educational, you sneaky

What childhood toy from the 80s are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Replies: 4 people have rocked the mic!

I love that quiz. I was GI JOE.
How is Susan feeling? I hope all is well.
Michelle big grin

Posted by Michelle @ 06/05/2004 01:46 AM EST

I am My Little Pony--Sweet, Innocent, and Happy.

Posted by Lisa @ 06/05/2004 07:57 AM EST

You should have come down to the tech floor sooner. It was pretty busy for a friday. It came in waves. Dead then nuts then dead then nuts.

Posted by Jim @ 06/05/2004 08:34 AM EST

I am also My Little Pony.

Posted by beloved @ 06/07/2004 01:13 PM EST

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