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06/23/2004 Entry: "Let's follow up, shall we?"

Thanks to Paddy for taking me to a yummy Chinese buffet lunch today. He recalls that I did something nice for him a month or so ago, and he's paying me back. I don't remember that... But I ate the lunch just the same.

So what does a guy who's having twins need more than anything? You guessed it! Another snare drum! Ok, here's the scoop. I've told you before about the Slingerland Rolling Bomber snare drums, and how I love them for their wood parts. Well, there are a couple of custom drum builders who are making wood lugged drums again. Stonehenge Percussion makes them, as does Scott Carothers of Joyous Lake drums. Well Scott announced the other day on a drum message board a little deal he was making. The first 10 people to email him would get a special deal on a snare drum. Instead of between $750-$2,000 (depending on wood an options) per snare, you could get one for $400! Now, I don't really have $400 kicking around, but I asked him about a little interest free financing. And he was game! So I get put at the end of the production run, but that's ok. I lock in the low price, and get 3 months to pay for it. I can stash that money away from drum lessons, or maybe even a single web design gig. (Blind Albert does owe me for his site...) I know I want a thick, solid shell. (The drum on the right is Cocobolo, and the one on the left is Pau Fero.) Cocobolo would be sweet, but Scott says the price has gone way up, and Cocobolo orders will be limited to wood he has on hand. He thinks he has enough for me, but he's got two cocobolo orders ahead of me. I've told him I can be flexible. The Pao Fero looks good too, as does the purple heart. As the time draws nearer, he let me know what's in stock, and will keep me in mind if a chunk of Macassar Ebony falls from the sky and hits him on the head.

My dad is a great guy. I tell him all the time. You couldn't want better parents than what I've got. For a while when I was in high school (during my melancholy period for sure), I felt cheated. I thought my dad should have taken me fishing more. And hunting. And more games of catch. And he shouldn't have taken away my promised mini-bike. But now that I'm older, I realize he gave me much more. Integrity. Honesty. The ability to communicate effectively. A way of dealing with people. Dad could talk to the governor, or talk to a grave digger. Both would like him. He wouldn't kiss up to the governor, and he wouldn't talk down to the digger. And both of them would respect him for that. He can just fit in with so many kinds of people, and can do so without becoming what they want him to be. He's just himself, and he likes people, so they like him, and it all just fits. So much of who I feel I am today, and where I want to be, is based on his example. Who needs memories of baseball games? I've got something far better. Happy fathers day, Dad.

Gigs this weekend? Yup, I had one Saturday morning, and it rained. Oh well, we got paid the same! Then Saturday night, Mom and Dad watched Julia, and we all went to the Summer Solstice Celebration. It rained through most of that, too.

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