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06/24/2004 Entry: "My Lunch and Experiences Immediately Following"

Yum! Paddy and I had lunch again today. This time, it was at the newly relocated Sunfire Grill on Main Street. I'd eaten there once before--back when they had their restaurant in a little trailer. I remember it as being pretty good. It was back when Jimmy T was laid up with his leg, and I brought him some quesadillas, and I had some enchiladas. Now in their new digs, there are a dozen or so tables, so you don't have to eat in your car (I hate eating in the car!). Paddy had a couple of tacos, and I had (surprise) the enchiladas. Today, it was one chicken and one cheese and onion. Let me tell you, Mr. Man, the cheese and onions are it. Next time back, I'm skipping the chicken, and going dual cheese and onion. I had a side of rice too, which was very good. Very fluffy, somewhat dry (which I like) rice, with not too much sauce.

While there, Paddy tried to convince them to start serving his beloved fish tacos. It was hard to keep from laughing. He was all rhapsodic and Zen about them. He was all waxing poetic about the ingredient list, and how the combination was all gestalt, and that deviation from it would result in a flavor that would not bring out the epitome of freshness, and, and, and,... and I looked at him and thought, "Man, this guy has a serious fish taco thing. We may need an intervention."

After lunch, we stopped by the local camera store to buy cigars. I know, weird. But that's the only "smoke shop" in town. I had called them last week about perhaps getting some Onyx Reserves for when the boys are born. They said they'd order some, so we stopped in to see if they were here. Well, seems they wait until they have a big order, so they haven't even been ordered yet. Instead, I (really Paddy) bought a $1.50 store label something. We'll see how she goes.

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The store label was the "Lighthouse Special", a Honduran robusto, 5" x 50. And they were surprisingly good, were they not? We had to dig around for some that felt good, but they smoked well, slightly uneven burn, and had a good flavor and feel. At $1.50 each, I will pick a few up for the HUMADIDOOR for sure.

Posted by Paddy @ 06/25/2004 10:42 AM EST

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