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06/25/2004 Entry: "Friday 5"

1. When you were a child, was there a food that you disliked that you now like? What is it and why?

Onions. I have no idea why I didn't like them as a kid. Mom would frequently make two meatloaves: one with onions for her and Dad, and one without for the kids. Now, onions are my favorite. Yellow, white, green, leeks, scallions, cipollini, I love them all! Dad taught me to take a vidallia, slice it thin, grind the black pepper right to 'er, and drizzle on some vinegar. Sit down on a Sunday afternoon and watch boxing. Yum!

2. We all have foods that we can't stomach. What are some of your least favorite?

For some reason, I can't do smoked mussels. I love mussels. And smoke is ok; I like smoked salmon and smoked scallops and smoked gouda (though not all together). But smoked mussels just don't do it for me. Boiled carrots will do bad things to me too. It's their texture, as well as their flavor. Carrots in soup or salad? Ok. Candied carrots, or carrots that have been sauteed? Fine. Boiled? No thanks. (Off topic: I remember Mom helping me study for a spelling test in grade school. She helped me with silly mnemonic devices for two words. I will never misspell those two words. One was carrots. The other was spaghetti.)

3. Was there a favorite restaurant years ago whose closing you lament to this day? Tell us why.
It hasn't been closed long, but I already miss Ingrahams on Richard's Hill. Susan and I loved the place. Very homey, and yet you could wear a suit and tie and not be overdressed. But jeans and a sport shirt were fine too. Matt, the owner, would always say hi to us, and he remembered us. Once on our anniversary, they brought us mussels as an appetizer, and bought our dessert for us. I went to school with their chef, Chad. You could always find something good on the menu, and the price wasn't outrageous. We thought of it as "our" restaurant. Now, we don't have one. :-(

4. Do you remember the first time you took a date to a "fancy" restaurant? Tell us about that date.

No. But I remember the first time Susan and I ate someplace snazzy. We went with her parents (we were still in high school at the time, I think) to Dimillos in Portland. I remember I was really putting on airs, trying to be cool and suave and sophisticated. Susan did something that was really quite innocent--used the wrong fork or something. (You can see how important is was; I can't remember what it was!) I pretended to be aghast. "No, no my dear, not that fork!"

5. Is there a specific ethnic food that you find yourself craving above all others? What is your favorite meal of this type?

Italian. Northern Italian, mostly. The butter, the rice, the meats, the pasta. And I like the cream sauces. Put a cream sauce on anything, and it makes it better. Susan, though, isn't a huge Italian fan, and even then doesn't care for the cream sauce. So when I make it to Portland, I try to convince her to go to the Macaroni Grill. The Olive Garden isn't as good, but it does in a pinch.

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

If you want GOOD ITALIAN.
Closest place is Vinny T's
in Portland at the Mall.

If you ask nice they may even make you Veal Saltimboca (Even tho it's not on the menu) wink

Posted by Joe @ 06/25/2004 05:32 PM EST

As a fan of the original Vinny Testas in Boston I agree. A very good place.

Posted by Jim @ 06/25/2004 06:55 PM EST

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