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07/02/2004 Entry: "Animated GIF Avatars"

I found this drum message board a couple of weeks ago. You know on message boards how they let you pick little avatars for yourself? Like if you click here, you'll see a little icon I use for myself on the midcoast.com bbs system. Most message boards have a size limit on how big your image can be. They don't want you choking things up by you having some big picture on there. Well, this other board doesn't seem to have real strict restrictions. Check these two animated GIFs out. This great air guitar GIF is about 100 kilobytes. This here really nice PG-13 GIF is almost 300k! 1/3 of a meg for an avatar image! For comparison, that little drummer image I use for myself is 8 kilobits, or 1/10th to 1/30th the size of the others.

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