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07/02/2004 Entry: "Stupid Remotes!"

Man, am I ripped! I bought this station wagon, right? And it's got a Kenwood 602-RF CD changer in it. But it only works with a remote. And of course, it didn't come with the remote. So I started looking on ebay, and found this one. I wasn't sure if it would work or not, so I emailed the guy. "Well, it should work, but I can't guarantee it." So I ordered it. The power button works. None of the rest of the buttons work. So I called Kenwood. They said a CA-R6 remote would work with my unit. It's not the original unit that shipped with mine, but the codes were the same. So I ordered this one. Guess what? It works even less. On the other remote, there's a little blinkng light that shows up on the receiver unit, so I can see a code is being sent--just not the right ones. This one doesn't even blink. Nada. So now I've spent $25 on remotes that don't work. For about $100, I could've put a new CD player in the dang car!

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