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07/07/2004 Entry: "Fish, NKM, and DVDs"

Wild day today. Well, not really. What did I do of interest? That's kind of subjective. I did buy a new goldfish for my tank. It was almost a year ago that I threatened to buy a bulging eyed goldfish. Now I've done it. His name is Dizzy.

For lunch today I went to Northern Kingdom Music to pick up some parts for my cocktail drum. When they didn't have what I needed, Harvey cannibalized another part, and gave me (for free!) what I needed. I told him I couldn't possibly take something for free when he could've sold both pieces together as a new product. But he wouldn't hear of it. What a cool guy. They're all cool guys up there.

I also put a new DVD-rom drive in my office Mac. The old one died; the drawer wouldn't open anymore. You know what it takes to change one of those out? On a PC, you pull the side off, and often that can be done without any tools. Then, you rip the face plate off. Again, no tools. Take the screws out that hold the CD-rom in, and replace. On a Mac, though, you need to take the handles off: that's four allan screws. Allan screws! You need a somewhat special tool to fix this stupid thing. Then, you need to take a side off. Another four allan screws. Pop off the cowl, and then two screws to slide the CD-rom out. It's not really the six or so extra screws that I think is a waste, but it's the fact you can't get the side off with a regular screwdriver. That's just plain numb, in my opinion. Please, why can't we run Mac OS's on PC hardware. That would be so awesome!

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It was almost TWO years ago.

Posted by Jim @ 07/07/2004 07:37 PM EST

Actually, it was OVER two years ago. Jeez.

Posted by Paddy @ 07/07/2004 11:28 PM EST

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