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07/09/2004 Entry: "MI-5"

1. What places have you traveled to? Countries? States? Places? Include anywhere you might have traveled for pleasure.
Hmm. I've been to most of the regular places Nor Easters have been to. Boston, Nueva York, stuff like that. Virgina Beach had been the farthest point south I'd travelled. Then two years ago, Susan's folks took her whole side of the family to Florida. Then this year, my folks to us on a cruise to the western Carribean.

2. What was your favorite place to travel to? Would you go again?
Disney World was awesome. I loved it. Epcot and the Magic Kingdom were it! Really, that's the destination I care about. I could care less about Florida, really. But I'd like to go back to Disney World.

3. Tell a good story or stories related to one of your trips? It can be anything funny or interesting. Include as many as you want.
This one time, while camping, we thought my hermit crab died. I think it was Mom who was leaning on the picnic table, diging a hole with a spoon, when he decided to come out and take a look around. That was funny, and we still talk about it. And of course, there's the recent sunburn while snorkeling story.

4. Where do you think you will take your next trip to?
Probably Pen Bay Medical Center. Really, now, I've no idea. Probably going back to Disney with three kids will be my next big trip.

5. The money no object question. If money was no object what trip, tour etc. would you take?
I'd love to go to Texas, Italy, and the UK. I used to want to go to Paris. Not any more. I'd rather go around France at this point. I've always thought about driving all of Rt 1 or Rt 66 in a convertible. Of course, there's not much of 66 left anymore, so Rt 1 looks a little more promising. Fort Ken to Key West. Sounds like a good trip for the early winter months. I think a Carribean snorkel trip would be nice too.

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