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07/13/2004 Entry: "Goodbye to another friend."

Well, it happened today. Moto was my fish in the office Macquarium. It was over two years ago that I bought him. He wasn't even supposed to be the main mac fish. The pet store was out of the black goggley eyed ones that day, so I threw him in instead. He was just supposed to be a transitional fish. But today, he died. We fished him out, and many gave a euology on what a good fish he was. He was in our front office everyday. He never took a sick day. He never got a raise. He made many people happy. Many couldn't figure out if he was real or if he was a screensaver. In the end, only JP could think of something bad to say: "He was the only employee to go to the bathroom in the front office."

May we take a moment to remember Moto, and to remember him with all the same love and fun he gave us all.

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Moto is the only employee that JP knows of that went to the bathroom in the front office.

Posted by Jim @ 07/13/2004 05:35 PM EST

He was a real team player and a trooper. I will miss him and our frequent talks. He was my confidant and also my friend.

Goodbye Moto, you will be missed.

Posted by Paddy @ 07/14/2004 12:00 AM EST

What a shame that such a young life was snuffed out so soon! I know this must be a very difficult time for all of you. Hopefully you can find comfort in knowing that he is in a far better place.

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 07/14/2004 09:50 AM EST

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