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07/14/2004 Entry: "3BD @ MOM"

Big weekend for Billy Rhythm last weekend. Three gigs in three days. Two of the gigs were for the blues festival, and one was with jump/swingers Three Button Deluxe. For this post, let's concentrate on 3BD. JP showed up to Market on Main with camera in hand, and he snapped some fantastic shots! Probably my favorite shot of the group is this one. I don't know what tune we were playing, but you can tell we were throwin' down a stanky groove. See how Paddy's slightly blurred? Notice you can't even see Quick's right hand on the guitar? That's because JP wasn't using a flash, and the slower shutter speed (to allow more light) also allowed faster moving objects to blur. Dig? It was that technique that yeilded the the coolest action shot of me playing drums ever.

Speaking of how I look when playing... (Rated R section follows.) I've had two different women (neither of them my wife) mention that the expression I get on my face while playing is what they imagine I'd look like when having an orgasm. Really? I wonder if the same holds true for bass players and guitar players?

You may also notice the new uniforms. This group usually wears Zoot suits and all the accoutrements. But we decided that in the summer, playing un-air-conditioned venues in a zoot would just be too hot. So, since we do play some early 50s rock-n-roll, we decided to go with bowling shirts. I'm sporting my new blue Cosmic Twin Drive In bowler. Not bad for $30, huh?

If you want to see all the photos JP took that night, go here. Dial-up users be forwarned: it's a graphics heavy site, and will take some time to load all the photos, but they are really great.

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