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07/16/2004 Entry: "Blues Fest Wrap Up"

So last weekend, on Saturday, I played on the main stage of the North Atlantic Blues Festival. It was quite unusual for a local act to appear in the show. In the 10 years since the show's been going on, I can't remember another local band playing the main stage. So in that sense, it was an honor (I guess). So many people were caught up in the "glory" of it all. "You're playing on the main stage! How does it feel?"

It feels like any other gig.

I showed up. I played. I got paid. I had fun. Was I blase? I don't know. I did what I always do. Someone said that perhaps my attitude was the mark of a professional. I don't know. I just didn't get caught up in all the "you're opening the blues fest" hype. Was I nervous? Not in the least. I played in front of 3000 like I would've played in front of 30. Yes, the sound was good. Yes, the applause was nice. But I enjoyed playing the club crawl that evening, and at Market on Main the night before, just as much. Actually, I liked the smaller crowd better. They seemed to get into it more than the large crowd. (But we were the first act of the day--maybe the bigger crowd wasn't into it as much yet. Plus, there's a big difference between an 11am crowd in a public park, and a 9pm crowd in a bar.)

Oh, and the main stage provided me with a house kit. It was a really nice Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute in a kinda creamy white marine pearl. The kick sounded really nice. Tom were not bad after a little tuning. But all in all, it was a wicked nice house kit.

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