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07/16/2004 Entry: "MI5"

1) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
If I had only one flavor to last me the rest of my life, it would be chocolate. I also have a soft spot for mocha chip.

2) What is your favorite ice cream vendor and why?
I'm with Paddy (as are all real mid-coast Mainers) and Domans Dairy Dream. Their chocolate is the best around. Their mocha chip is very good to. Miss Plum's used to have "Devil Mint Chip": chocolate mint ice cream (not the green stuff) with chocolate chips. Edward's Ice Cream on Tilson was good too. Dad used to work there, in fact. Dad, tell us the story of you driving to Edward's on the scooter Father put together for you from parts out of milk crates.)

3) Have you ever made ice cream?
When I was living with my parrents, we had an old green White Mountains looking hand crank ice cream freezer. We always made something with a vanilla base. For some reason, our chocolate never came out right. Susan and I have a powered unit now with a tank that you just put in the freezer. No ice needed. The peanut butter recipie in Ben and Jerry's book always comes out well.

4) How often do you eat ice cream?
Not a lot, really. Maybe once or twice a week in summer, and less in winter. I will say though that at birthday parties, I prefer the ice cream to the cake.

5) If you don't feel up for ice cream, what is your second choice for a summertime treat?
Ice cold Rolling Rock, in a bottle, while taking a cool shower. I also like the Grant's Rocket Aide served out of a shopping cart full of ice at the Thomaston 4th of July.

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