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07/19/2004 Entry: "Lots to Say, and No Time to Say It!!!"

What do I want to cover? Well, Pat Lamarche, my trip to the rifle range with Jim, and Susan's trip to the hospital last night. But right now, let me tell you my Sam's Club tire experience.

My truck is due for a state inspection. In order to pass, I knew it would need some new tires in the front. So I took it to Sams to get some cheap tires. After waiting for someone who could actually help me (the guy dusting the batteries was apparently too busy), I told the guy I wanted some cheap tires.

"Are you looking for performance, or traction, or fuel economy,or..."

"I'm looking for cheap."

"What are they going on?"

"A 1992 Ford F-150."

"These are the cheapest truck tires we have: $65 each."

"I don't need light truck tires. My truck is two wheel drive, and is rated for regular passenger tires."

"They're for a Buick Roadmaster or something like that."

"What's that?" I say.

"It's a station wagon," he says.

"No, I realize what that is. I mean why are you talking about a Roadmaster."

"Because that's what a passenger tire is for."

"Yes, I realize that. But if you check the door pillar of my truck, you will see that it came equiped with P 175R 15" tires. (The P is for Passenger, as opposed to LT or light truck tires.) This truck goes to the dump on weekends, and other than that hardly gets driven. Cheap tires are fine."

"Ok," he says. "The cheapest tires we have in that size are $55."

"Fine," I say walking towards the front desk. As I walk by this one pillar of tires, I notice they're the size I need. "What about these here for $45?" I ask.

"Those are real cheap tires."

I almost can't believe what I'm hearing. "That's what I want then."

"Ok," he says. "If that's what you want, but they're real cheap."


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Are you sure you want the cheap ones razz

Posted by Rays @ 07/20/2004 03:53 PM EST

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