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07/20/2004 Entry: "Paging Lindsey Zaltman"

Heard something at the office today. Actually, I overheard it. A Mr. Zaltman called to ask about broadband availability at his home. Hmm. I once went to school with a Lindsey Zaltman--he was a buddy of mine. Turns out this Mr. Zaltman lived on a point in Owls Head. Funny, Lindsey lived on a point in Owls Head. So I asked Barry to ask the guy if he were related to Lindsey. Of course, he didn't bother. But I had the guy's number, so I called him back. It's Lindsey's dad! Lindsey is a market researcher in Pittsburgh for his dad's company. Seems he was up here just a little while ago, looking to but some property for a summer home. He mentioned that Lindsey only went to school up here for one semester (in 3rd grade no less), but I never forgot him! And I also remember he had the greatest Lego collection!

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