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08/02/2004 Entry: "Back to Work!"

Went back to the office today. I was quite surprized to find only one voicemail message. Usually, I'll get two or three when I go on lunch. To be gone a week and only get 1? I think most of my ad reps knew the babies were due. In fact, I told most of them that if they called, and my voicemail said I was on vacation, then that would be their cue that the babies were born.

Today, we took the boys in for their circumcision. What I thougt could be accomplished on lunch break took over 4 hours! Susan and I thought long and hard (no pun intended!) about whether we should "snip" them or not. There's so much info both for and against it. But I got some great advice from a client of mine who happens to be a urologist. Their pediatrician is against doing it. Even after we told her what our wishes were, she had these little barbs and opinions and thoughts that you could tell were trying to steer us away from our desicion. Even Susan caught on to what she was trying to do. I didn't appreciate it, but Susan likes her otherwise as a doc, so we aren't going to change.

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I'm glad you had it done! I happen to be one of those people who believes in it. wink

((Hugs)) Hope you and Susan are having fun taking care of the twins!! cool eh?

Posted by Maria @ 08/02/2004 10:52 PM EST

I think you and Susan did the right thing and that would be what you felt would be best for your children not the Docs but your children. I would have to say after seeing Julia that you and Susan have no need to second guess your decisions, What a nice young lady she is. big grin

Posted by Rays @ 08/03/2004 09:01 AM EST

Good decision. We had Alexander circumcised also. We had it done in the hospital before he came home and I know we made the right choice for us and Alex. I know us as first time parents do have a tendency to do exactly what the doctor says but as we are growing, we are starting to do what we think is right and best for Alex despite what the doctor says.
Can't wait to see some new pictures of the little ones.

Posted by Michelle @ 08/05/2004 10:39 AM EST

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