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07/29/2004 Entry: "MI5, just in time for the next MI5"

1. If you could start over from scratch, what instrument would you play?
Same one I'm playing now. If I weren't a drummer, I'd like to play bass. But the instument I play is the one I love.

2. With your current instrument, what would you change about the way you learned it?
I didn't take a private lesson until I was in high school. I had a lot of bad habits that it took me a while to unlearn. In fact, it wasn't until college that my private instructor noticed I played left flams and right flams backwards. And, I didn't learn to count out loud rhythmically until college either. Now, as I teach students, I get them to count aloud. Once you learn how to do it, it becomes second nature.

3. Why did you pick your current instrument?
I was leaving a picnic at my Aunt Ginny's house. We were in the green Nash station wagon. A tune came on the radio that had an awesome sounding snare drum. I new I wanted to learn to play that.

4. If you could, would you change how much time you devote to music, i.e. choosing it as your main career? If so, where would you live? Or like to live?
I decided as a freshman music major that I wanted to live in Maine the rest of my life. As such, I realized there was no reason for me to take a degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music. It just didn't make sense. People in Maine who play music exclusively for a living are few and far between. I new it made the most sense to take a degree that would help pay the rent, and just play music on the side.

5. What would be your dream instrument purchase?
I have a soft spot for a Tama Superstar kit in natural maple. A DW kit in Tobacco Burst with satin nickel hardware eould be nice. I used to want a Gretsch kit in tangerine sparkle or Cadillac green, but I don't like how Fred Gretsch is running his business. Instead, I'll take a Ludwig kit in Oyster Pink Pearl.

All this being said, I agree with Jim. If we're going to take over the Friday Five empire, we need questions that'll appeal to the masses. If you're not a musician, you'll have no interest in this weeks MI5.

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