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08/06/2004 Entry: "Matt's Umbilical Cord"

Matthew lost his cord stump yesterday. I got home from work, and Susan said "Matt's cord is about to fall off. It's only hanging by a thread. Can you change him?" So I took him over to the changing table, pulled his onesy up, and there it was, gone. "It's fallen off," I said. It wasn't in his diaper. It wasn't in his clothes. That means somewhere in our house is an umbiliacal cord stump! We finally did find it on the floor in front of couch. I think Susan's going to scrapbook it.

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I scrapbooked Alexander's also. I wasn't sure if people will think I am gross but at least I know I'm not the only scrapbook freak.

Posted by Michelle @ 08/07/2004 11:24 PM EST

Uhhh, ok. That is a bit creepy. A lock of hair is one thing, but that is over the line.

Gives a whole new meaning to scrap-book though ... kind of like the Brundle Fly collection.

Posted by Paddy @ 08/09/2004 08:44 AM EST

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