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08/09/2004 Entry: "My Boys"

I found all kinds of neat photos stored on the camera today. I'll post some others later. But I did find this good one: hungry Matt tries to get a snack by nibbling brother Nat's head.

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Those are two cute babies you and Sue have. Saw you pushing them down South Main...going to the parade.

Posted by Allison @ 08/09/2004 08:31 PM EST

Could this be the first fight? Biting already?

Posted by Jim @ 08/09/2004 11:11 PM EST

Mmmmmmm tastes like chicken! razz

Posted by Melanie @ 08/10/2004 12:57 AM EST

They are gorgeous! God Bless them. How is Julia with them?

Posted by michelle @ 08/10/2004 10:40 AM EST

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