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08/17/2004 Entry: "Power of Prayer, Even for Little Things"

What's up, G? We're just chillin', scarffin' down the pudding.

Let's talk prayer, here. It works. I use it. It's cool. Ask Jim or Paddy about some time I put in for them with the Man upstairs. Then a couple of weekends ago, I was playing this club in Bar Harbor. It's right behind the public parking lot. Of course there's no parking in Bar Harbor in summer, so I prayed for a parking spot. I drove through the lot, and there wasn't a spot. So, I doubled back and took the street in front of the restaurant, instead of behind. There, right in front of the building, right next to the door was a parking spot. Thanks, God!

So I'm playing this other gig on Peaks Island. We played outside, and by the time we were done, it was dark. (Of course it was dark, it was 10:45pm!) Since the only light was Clarke's light on his music stand, I used the inside lights on the van to provide us with illumination. After 1/2 hour or so of packing, I hopped in the front seat, and the battery was dead. I went to the back to grab the jumper cables, and asked one of the guys to find us someone with a running vehicle. The ferry from the island was leaving in 15 minutes or so, so we didn't have much time. On the way back from the back of the van, I prayed the car might start. I sat down, jiggled the gear shift, jiggled the steering wheel, and turned the key. Sl-ow-ly, groan-ing-ly I-got-a-turn-it-was-slow it caught! The vehicle that just a minute ago had nothing at the turn of the key somehow got enough juice to turn over one last time. I know where the juice came from, friends!

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"I know where the juice came from, friends!"

Uhhh, the battery?

Posted by Paddy @ 08/18/2004 03:33 PM EST

I know what you mean about praying forthe little things. I was late leaving for an important meeting in Ellsworth this morning. As I got closer to Camden, I prayed that the traffic wouldn't be backed up as far as Rockport. Lo and behold, I buzzed right through. Same thing when I came back. I made it to meeting with five minutes to spare. Thank you Lord!

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 08/19/2004 02:32 PM EST

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