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08/18/2004 Entry: "And Now It's Time For a Breakdown"

I reserved some time for myself tonight. From 9:30-10pm I'm planning on having a breakdown. Then, back to the grind! :-)

So one of my drum students came back from music camp this week. He's been gone a month. Cost of the camp? Three large. I think I need to raise my lesson rates! He mentions to me that his parrents (specifically his dad) may hook him up with a used seven piece Drum Workshop in green lacquer with Zildjian cymbals. Cost? $2,300! I don't even have a kit that nice, and I own 5 kits! :-) (Six if you count the cocktail kit.) I guess my rates really do have to go up!

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Higher rates mean you may be able to make the same money and have a few less students. More time for the family. Sounds good to me.

Posted by Jim @ 08/18/2004 10:24 PM EST

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