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08/26/2004 Entry: "Funny Stuff on TV Recently"

So Susan and I were watching this country music rumor thing on TV the other night, and I heard this great story from Me Tillis. Now Mel has a stammer. He sometimes just can't get words out of his mouth. Well one night, he's in a hotel room with a couple of bandmates, and he sees someone breaking in through the window. He's so frightened, he can't even speak. But his stammering doesn't affect him while he sings. So he starts singing "Get up guys, someone's is breaking into the room!" So they wake up, and guess who the guy is? It's Johnny Paycheck!

Also, Carly Simon used to stutter. But she didn't stutter when she sang. That's how she took up singing.

Also something else funny seen on tv recently: the Jimmy Dean Sausage Biscuit commercial. It's a bunch of people with no reading experience trying to deliver copy. Completely flat, but oh so funny.

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