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08/27/2004 Entry: "MI-5"

1. Do you like to eat out and if so how often?
I do like to eat out. Lately, I've been eating "out" a lot. Really, I've been bringing fast food home. I haven't really got much choice in the matter. Susan is busy making sure the twins eat, and that's taking more time than you could possibly believe. And the last 2-3 weeks, I haven't been home much, so good home cooking has been slack. I do like going to nice restaurants, though, and wish we could do it more.

2.If money were no object would you eat out more than you currently do?
Sure. If money were no object, the quality would go up too. But I'd also need more time. When you go out, you've got to devote an hour or two to the experience. Those two hours just haven't been around recently.

3.What kind of places do you like to frequent when you do eat out? (Chinese, Mexican, fast food, steakhouse etc..)
Italian would be my favorite, with Chinese and Mexican coming in second, and a ways back. I like French, but there's not much around here for that. I'm not a huge steakhouse fan, though the author of this MI-5 is. I like steak, but it's not a favorite. Pasta and cream sauces really are my thing, baby.

4. Do you have any favorite dishes or styles of food when you eat out?
Oops! See the end of #3. I like to try new things when I eat out. Like at the Maccaroni Grill (a chain Italian place I like) I try to order something different every time I go. Things that I love that I discoverd by adventerous eating out? Quail, duck, lamb, hollandaise, escargots, mussles, calamari, anything marsala (chicken, veal, whatever), artichoke hearts, and a whole mess I'm sure I'm forgeting. These are things I didn't eat growing up. I was introduced to them by trying them while out.

5.If you could only go to one restaurant for the rest of your life which one would it be? This can be a chain or a single restaurant.
Oh, man, that's a hard one. I wish Ingrahams was still open--I'd probably pick there. I guess I'd pick the Samoset. The food is good, and the variety is huge! Great breakfast, sandwiches at the pub for lunch, Marcels dining room for supper--they've got the bases covered.

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