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09/01/2004 Entry: "Julia's New School Year"

I know you guys will be clamoring for photos, so I'm dedicating my coffee break to you. Julia starts first grade today--her first all day class. Kindergarten was only a 1/2 day. Susan surpised herself by getting a little teary. She thought she'd be too busy with the boys to get emotional. But, she wondered who'd grab her a granola bar when she needed a snack, and who'd hold Matthew when Nat needs a change. Julia's been a big help, for real. And, I'm sure she was (as I am) a little sad about how fast her little girl is growing up. Seems like just yesterday I was announcing her birth with a happy dollar at Kiwanis.

Oh, and right after I snapped this photo, I sensed that Julia's friend Rachelle wanted to get in on the act. Notice her hand? She'd fit right in being a big sis!

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She is so beautiful. So are your boys. You are truly blessed. I will definately cry when Alexander starts school.

Posted by Michelle @ 09/01/2004 10:25 PM EST

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