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09/03/2004 Entry: "MI5, kept hostage this week by Jim"

1. Do you have any creative type hobbies? We are talking things where you build or create things.
Well, sorta. I play the drums, and that uses my hands, and is creative. I also like to recondition drums. I like to find one that's old and nasty, give it some love, and bring it back to its former glory.

2. Is there any kind of hobby you always wanted to get into but never could for whatever reason?
I've always wanted to take up target shooting. I like to shoot now, and my grandfather bought me a beginner's target rifle. But it takes money and time--two things I need more of! (Especially the time.) I've also wanted to learn to fly.

3. Do you have any traditions for Labor day?

4. Do you have any special Labor day memories?

5. Describe a perfect Labor Day.
Lotsa sleep. Some kind of cookout on the grill. A chance to relax. I hope to get all my chores done this weekend, so I can just blow Monday off.

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