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09/08/2004 Entry: "Vinny Ts, DJ Gig, Headphones, Northern Kingdom"

Ok, so here's that other stuff I wanted to talk about.

First, Vinny Ts has come to Portland. Jim and I ate there two weekends ago. My goodness, it was good. They start you off with yummy bread. If it's dinner time, you get roasted garlic to go with it. If it's lunch time, you can request the garlic. Salad comes with your order, and for an extra buck you can get a Caesar. I did. Jim ordererd the fried mozzerella, and got 1/2 dozen or so of the golden disks. When my fetuccini came out, I was dang near full. I took most of it home, and actually got two more meals out of it!!! And that was the lunch portion! It was all very good, and I recommend it. It may be my new favorite Italian chain joint.

So Saturday, I DJd this wedding. It was an old friend from high school, and his new bride. They booked me for five hours--an hour longer than the normal reception. When we met to meet to go over their plans, they mentioned they weren't having any meal. They would have canapes and hors devours,but no real meal. I thought there'd be no way it'd go five hours. In fact, I called a client I was supposed to meet with on Sunday to fix his computer, and asked if I could be there Saturday night.

Bad move.

Not only did it not end early, but they booked me for two more hours! A seven hour reception. That's a long one! Not a record breaker--I did 8 1/2 hours once for Daren and Janet, but seven is plenty long. But they were havin' a good time. Oh, and instead of champagne, they served mead. The groom was of Nordic descent, and supposedly they drink mead for one month after getting married, until the next full moon. Thus, honeymoon. So I tried it. It was nothing like what I thought it would be. To raisins taste like grapes? Sundried tomatoes like fresh tomatoes? Nor does mead taste like honey. It's reminisant of honey, and you can taste it in there, but it's very faint. At least the stuff they served.

So on Sunday after the gig, I'm loading my equipment into the garage. I only have one pair of headphones, so I set them on the bumper of my truck, so I would remember to take them inside and put them downstairs in the drum room.

Bad move.

I forgot them on the bumber.

After I was done moving gear, I drove my truck to its parking spot at the MIS data center in the south end of Rockland. I drove the green hornet wagon home. It was about 9pm when I remembered. I looked at Susan. "Are my headphones on the dining room table?" They weren't. I drove to the data center to see if by some miracle they were still on the bumper. Too bad. So I went to Northern Kingdom Music, and bought two pair of acceptable headphones for about the price of one. They gave me almost 50% off list. NICE! So one will stay in my DJ case, and one will stay in the drum studio, so I won't have this problem again. They're not as nice as my Koss's, but they were 1/2 the price for two pairs! Can't go wrong there.

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I am glad you liked Vinny's. I had no idea you enjoyed it that much.

I once left a car wash brush on the bumber of my fathers truck. He drove off with it. I knew where he had gone so I retraced his path hoping it would be close by. I found it but a lot further away than I thought. I would have thought it would have fallen off when he accelerated on the hill at the end of my street. Not only did it survive that but two more corners! I eventually found it in the middle of the street down near the Navagagor Motor Inn. I still have the brush.

Posted by Jim @ 09/08/2004 09:18 PM EST

Hey next time you go to Vinny's ask them to make you Veal Saltimboca.
If you ask real nice they usually will.
It used to be on the menu

Veal, cheese, Cream sauce


Posted by Joe @ 09/09/2004 12:14 PM EST

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