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09/29/2004 Entry: "Help Me Pick A Drum Color"

So I won this drum in a contest, right? I want this kind of finish on it. The guy who did it gave me the recipe of how to do it (thanks Steek!). Only problem is, with Fall coming on, and with new twins in the house, I just don't have time to do that kind of finish. So I figure I'll wrap it, and then refinish it in the Spring maybe. Your job is to vote what kind of finish I should put on it. Your choices are:

White Satin Flame

Abalone Pearl (Scroll down to see the picture of the snare.)

Black Sparkle

Turquoise Sparkle

So what do you think? Leave your choice in the comments section.

Replies: 12 people have rocked the mic!

In order, from best to least, I like:

White Satin Flame
Turquoise Sparkle
Abalone Pearl
Black Sparkle

Posted by Lisa @ 09/29/2004 05:02 PM EST

1. white satin Flame
2. Abalone Pearl
3. turquoise Sparkle
4. Black Sparkle.

(1) and (2) look richer.

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 09/29/2004 05:09 PM EST

WhiteSatin Flame

Posted by Jim @ 09/29/2004 06:40 PM EST

White satin flame all the way!! It is awesome!!! smile

Posted by Maria @ 09/29/2004 08:27 PM EST

White Satin Flame! I love that one! big grin

Posted by Michelle @ 09/29/2004 09:48 PM EST

Knights in white satin first,
Abalone Pearl has my 2nd vote.

Posted by Groovemaster @ 09/30/2004 08:23 AM EST

Despite my desire not to follow the crowd, I must agree - White Satin Flame. Very Cool!

Posted by aza @ 09/30/2004 09:05 AM EST

White Satin
Flame is good if you are sure you dont want sky blue.

Posted by Dad @ 09/30/2004 11:13 AM EST

listed from my favorite to my least favorite
1) white satin flame
2) turquoise sparkle
3) black sparkle
4) abalone pearl

Posted by sarah @ 09/30/2004 01:19 PM EST

Abalone pearl by far. By the way, thanks for the pics of the kids. I'm one of the girls in the billing office at Down East Community Hospital. cool eh?

Posted by Vicki @ 09/30/2004 04:59 PM EST

El Mariachi is saying white satin flame senior.

Posted by Jorge @ 09/30/2004 08:14 PM EST

Black Sparkle
Is it Rock or is it disco, I just don't know!!! I look at this & want to slap a bunch of goofy stickers on it & use it in a garage band. I send this out the door as # 4

Knights in White Satin Flame
This one is pretty flashy. A little too flashy for my tastes so off to spot 3 for thee

Abalone Pearl
Ahhhh Baloney! This one is so funky cool I decided to choose it as #2

Turquoise Sparkle
This reminds me of a 50's/60's diner with the plastic booths & seats. Very cool w/ a Retro-E kinda feel. Thinking about 3BD it makes me wanna say... You're #1, Your #1!!!!!


Posted by Melanie @ 09/30/2004 10:10 PM EST

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