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10/01/2004 Entry: "The Real MI-5"

MI-5, in honor of Julia

1) When you were a kid, what was your favorite book?
Well, I had a book about (you guessed it) fire engines that was pretty special to me. And of course there was "Mr. Pine's Purple House." I still have both of them. Mr Pine is at my house, and I read it to Julia sometimes. The fire truck book is at my parents.

2) How much do you read now?
Not as much as I'd like.

3) What kind of stuff are you reading?
I try to read the Bible a little before bed. I read straight through, then start over. I'm in 2nd Kings right now. I read magazines a little, as I can read them in quick bursts.

4) Magazine subscriptions--get any? What are they?
I've gotten a Modern Drummer subscription as a present from my parents every birthday since 1989. I also bought a subscription to Audio Video Interiors, but they changed format recently, and I won't renew.

5) Have you got a cool reading memory you'd like to share?
I remember Aunt Diana reading Wizard of Id comics to me in cool voices. The humor was mostly over my head. My Mom reads a great story too. She has this way of reading very quietly, and then OH MY GOODNESS HERE'S THE EXCITING PART and little kids jump and they love it so.

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1. I guess my favorite book was Shirley Temple Diary, but I once memorized the entire book of Cinderella (Golden Book)so I guess I liked that too
2. I read a lot, but it's pretty dry and boring. Mostly work related.
3. See above. There is no end to it!
4. My favorite is Psychology Today, but it's hard to find. For a quick read in the doctor's office, or on a plane, I like People. Sadly, I have a subscription to neither. I pay as I go.
5. My favorite memory didn't even involve me. My father was basically a non-reader. He could read, he just didn't like it. Shortly after David was born, my Dad retired. I can still see him and David, rocking in the recliner on the porch, reading the same two books over and over again. They were The Cowboy Book, and A Walk with Grandpa. When the older grandchildren were little, he didn't have time to read to them because he was always working. I still have both books and the memory firmly entrenched in my mind.

Posted by Aunt Ginny @ 10/01/2004 09:45 AM EST

1. I guess my first favorite book was something like: "Quack Quack says that he's in luck, cause he's a very special duck, he likes to (something), and likes to (something), but most of all he likes to (something). Maybe my parents can recite it correctly. The first book I remember reading, which was a favorite at the time, was something like "Cat in the Box", which was from the same series of books as Mr. Pine's Purple House.

2. I read my devotions every morning when I first get up. Like Bill, I also read magazines, because you can read them in short spurts.

3. I'm reading a devotion called, "No Pain, No Gain", and I'm starting through Colossians now. I also have a Christian Romance going that takes place in Amish country. It's called The Hope Chest.

4. Oh, this is a big one: Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks, etc., Memory Makers, Paperkuts, Simple Scrapbooks, Cruise Travel (almost expired and won't renew), Parents, Parenting, Nick Jr., Family Fun, Child, Redbook, and Woman's Day. I think that's all. That's enough!

5. I remember fondly Mrs. Bouchard reading through the Little House in the Prairie books to my 4th grade class. Every day after lunch, she would read several chapters. That's what started my love of the Little House books, which still continues today. I still read them over and over.

Posted by Lisa @ 10/01/2004 10:06 AM EST

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